The 100km Hiking

The last Saturday,we have enjoyed an unforgettable outdoor activity,Shenzhen 100KM hiking.Actually,it is not just a hiking,but a competition.It is said that there are about 60 thousand people to join us.That is amazing.Now we are rushing to gather with the other teams.All of us are so exciting,and confident that K-ding must be the best.

The weather was sunny,a little hot same as summer.Our boss Bruce was busy to organized us to do the preparation.When we come to the destination of the gathering,it’s about 3 o’clock,it was so early.we will stop and wait other people.

We are taking photos now.It is a little small but you can look out that all of us are fulling of confidence.

 Look,this is our team mark.Do you feel that is funny?I remembered that many other team often asked us stop to take pictures.They said :hey,friend,can you stop walking?I want to leave this mark in my mobile-phone.That is too creative,other friend also asked who has named for you team.Sorry,we could not answer you.

 We are waiting until 5 o’clock,it is time for start the hiking.The man in the front is our team leader,he is a great people,because I heard that he is also joined the competition each year.Now he is making training for us.He told so many attention matters during the competition.The last row is friends of our company.

Emily invited her husband to join us.Also present were Micky and my brother.We walk too slow that fall behind out of the whole team.Suddenly,I feel a little scare,but finally we decide to walk by ourselves.Luckily,there are five people,we are the last small team now.

We are walking quickly along a sea which the name is unknown.Too many people are walking front of us.


The day turned dark.we have walked about 10km,there were some volunteers providing the water and some food,we originally prepared to have a rest,but Emily said that Brother Qiang have already reached Wutong mountain.I couldn’t believe my ears.They are walking as fast as the wind,or they are running.So we must keep walking quickly.

During the hiking,we all walk slowly,because Micky feel not well,his foot have been injured.I also feel a little tired.But Micky was still insist to walk.It is about half an hour to get to the first station,suddenly,Micky was fall in the faint.I am so scared,and take her to the side of road,then many people and volunteers surround us,then we contact her father to take her home.

When we get to the fist station,it is about 12 o’clock at evening.So many Red Bull are waiting us,so miraculous.

 Emily told that we can have some noodle, but when we get there,the rest of all is some soup,So hungry and tired ,we still thought it is delicious.Thanks for the volunteers on the way.

  After having some food,we begin to set off again.we were going to challenge the second section.But finally,it is a pity,we were failed.we only walked about 10KM forward ,fewer and fewer people on the way.It’s about 1 o’clock in the night.We decide to back home,but there is hardly any bus or taxi on the way now. Emily said that we have expectation if we walk towards home although so tired,when we think of home is in our eyes,the energetic is coming again.

  It’s about 3o’clock,we finally get home.Although we didn’t reach the destination,but we were not take the taxi.I think that is also a small success.


The four is our hero,Ben,Kanshine,Jedy and her boyfriend.they were standing in front of that Wutong mountain’s gate.It is about 60KM.It is already in the end of night,Jedy looks so tired,that is better because of her boyfriend is always accompany her,I think that if they remember this journey several years later,they will get more gratefulness.Congratulations to them.

  Ben was going to keep walking forward,he want to challenge the destination,100KM.

It was the Sunday morning,Ben was still on the way,you can clearly found that he was tired ,but he still keep smile on his face.He is dare and optimistic,the most important is he has strong willing and great endurance.The hiking is continue.Ben,come on!

Although the blisters on his feet ,Ben did not complaint,but always smile.His spirit is truly worth to learn by everyone.

If I have the CCD camera or mini DVR,I must record this moment.How a classic picture it is!Perhaps,this experience will been our unforgettable memory in the life,Especially,Ben.So he was contemplating now.

Finally,it is Ben who was the only one member has complete the whole hiking,he spend 26 hours walking 100KM.You are a great man  of  K-ding,we are proud of you.

This is our whole hiking of Shenzhen 100KM,it is also the precious wealth in my life.

I think that if we have more opportunity,I also want challenge myself.Looking forward that day.




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