An Unforgettable hiking—2014 Shenzhen One Kilometers hiking

March 22, our K-Ding team participation in 2014 Shenzhen one kilometers hiking. This is a major outdoor activity in Shenzhen, there are about 30 thousand people to attended, and we just want to challenge ourself, challenge our limits. Today for me was incredible, unforgettable—not only in my life but in the lives of ours.

This was the starting point of the hiking—Shenzhen bay sports center. Haha.. look the picture, our team name is Jingzi team,it means that we are all elites, but we attracted the attention of many people along the way because of this special name. 

At 5 a’clock in the afternoon, our team start..


We went to the second sign points---- Flower World. Now is about 9 o’clock in the afternoon. by this time it was completely dark, we feeled tired and  set on the grass to drink red bull cola. here we are celebrating walked 20.3km.

Look, four members of our team is getting to the gate of wutong mountain. They have walked 40 km. It’s middle night and they go on walk. Fighting!  Heroes!!


Cougratulations to our heroes—Ben, Lee and Jedy. They walked 60km in the second day morning. I applaud them because they have challenged themselves and their limits.

Look, our biggest hero—Ben. He walked 100 km, he looks very tried now. yes, because he walked over 28hours and never have a rest. When he walked 60km, his feet was injured and the doctor said he can’t walk, his feet need rest. But he insist on walk to the end point. So he walk step by step with painful. We are all proud of him, he give a lot of positive energy to our team. I believe, because of him, our team will be more stranger, our company(which is a professional manufacturer,producing and selling Car DVR, home security Cameras and Sports Camera, and so on) will be go further and better.

This is my first time to take part in Shenzhen one hundred kilometers hiking, I don’t care about how far I was gone, I just enjoy the process and all the different bits of mood in the process. Finally, thanks to our team’s heroes, because of you, we, K-Ding are more unitive, more stronger!

                                                           By Helen from K-Ding


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