A Remarkable Memory from the 100KM Hiking

100KM seems to be short distance if we go to a place by coach or train, but if you walk this distance on foot, it will take you for 24 hours...this will be a big test for one's energy and stamina, isn't it? However, we have a big hero-Ben, who arrived in the destination after 26 hours. He is the one only one in our team that makes it, we are all proud of him.

It was a sunny afternoon in 5pm when we start the hiking, and we have a very naughty team name-the Sperm, yes it is the Sperm. But it is in Chinese, every team member of our company carried a label on our bag, which attracted many attention and chatting from the passerby on the road, as like we are "different human beings" among all other hiking people.

(Helen shows you how our team label like in the picture ^_^)

Each destination is about 20KM, and we can have a short rest in every 20KM, so there will be 5 destinations, which means we will spend the next 24 hours walking all the time, but our team has our own target, which is the 3rd destination----64KM.

These 90's are full of energy in the first 20KM, it is much too fast walking for a man like me...too fast, but I have to keep up with them, and after 2 hours of fast walking, my foot feel stiffen and I couldn't slow down the speed any more, it made me feel even uncomfortable to walk slowly, as increased the pain on my legs.

So we kept walking at that speed, and then after 3.5 hours we arrived at the first 20KM!

We walked the 20KM in 3.5hours, while Bruce and other team mates have to spend 4-5 hours, everyone looked so tired, and we are the front leaders in the Sperm team!


After lots of FREE Red Bulls, we had a very good rest in the grass together with laughter and chats.

This is Ben and 2 of the beautiful girl team mates, they are our B2C and B2B team mates too, our B2C is now focused on varied of cell phone batteries for iphone, HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, and SONY ets, they also have a famous online store called FMEN, where you can buy all kinds of car electronics, home application electronics, security cctv camera, mini camcorders, dvr's etc.

(they had no ideas that this boy will walk to the destination, and they just took a very important photo with a hero)

We started off to next 20KM later, and some team mates quited and went home for the night rest, and Ben still went with the team.

We met in the 2nd destination, and it was nearly 3am in the mid-night, all the other hiking people were tired, you can see some people even sleep on the ground and rest.


I walked like a dead in through the 5am to 6am, and we just lost with our team, there were Ben and me walking together, I saw his feet are in pain, but he still walk step by step.

I still remember Ben said that he wanted to challenge his ability and see if he can finished the 100KM walking this time, as he doesn't want to come to walk the rest of 40KM next year.

I saw his figure, a man's will power could be huge, and he continued the hiking after we finally reach our own distination at 64KM.

We stopped at the 64KM, and Ben went on alone with a friend, we don't know if he can finally gets to the 100KM destination, but after we are back home for 10 hours of rest, we heard from Bruce that BEN is still on the road to walk his last 1KM, this is amazing, as he walked for over 24 hours without sleeping, and he is the only one in our K-DING team that makes it, what a powerful man!

(this is the last photo that I took for Ben before he continued to walk after 64KM)


This is a big lessen in my life, and I realized that sometime you need to give yourself a chance to challenge yourself to test your energy, patience, and fortitude, you will never know you can reach an unbelievable target if you try all your heart and soul, and after you use up all your energy, it is all heart then, and your fortitude will lead you to your goal step by step.


                                                                                     Written by Kanshine Lee

                                                             K-Ding Technology Co Ltd

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