100KM Hiking on 22TH March

This week will have some big things happened, Yes, it is 100km hiking

we will have 100km long hiking sports games,but our boss have a bet with others company ,it is also a competition games, the top three arrive at the forth sign up point dameisha will have a reward of money ,but the distance from the start point – Shenzhen gym to dameisha is about 60km,but it will get through about 24hrs to arrive at the destination if someone have a very quick speed ,


we are armed with full water and food to start our hiking, See , we also have a very awesome team name 

We start our hiking at afternoon 5:30,,there was so many people join this game together ,there have some specially hiking teams seems as “Iron Donkey”,


On the way ,as for our awesome team name ,,there have many walkman ask us “what this mean “and request us to stop to take some pictures by their sport cameras to upload on the weibo to share with others


All the way ,we have a very quick speed ,which is more quicky than our normal walk speed ,we run after LEE and brother QIANG ,,but when we catch up them ,they will run or walk very fast to leave us alone again ,so they run, we catch up ,when we arrive at the first sign-up point ,it only spend about 3hrs ,

On the fist point ,there so many people, they are more faster than us ,they get the free red bull from the sign-up point, wow ,it is so cool, we never think the red bull is so great when you are tired and so thirsty, brother Qiang is so lovely ,he get three times red bull with different dress-up


Can you guess who is the first one to the four sign-up point??? Let me yell out to you, it is our company, there have five solider, they are the first one to arrive at there

Can you also guess who is guy make it to finish all road,it is Ben,his foot is full of blood blister, but he use the two waking stick to assist on all the way ,he said ,he meet a lot of partner and they encourage each other and help each other to go to the destination ,when you assist on the way to your destination ,you will see the different scene,let us applaud to him

                                                                                                                                              Written by candy



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