2014, Shenzhen hundred km trailwalking

As the title says, we have a big activity since I came to K-Ding family, also in my life ~~ I never done this before, I just walked about 20km (go and come back) when I was in high school, I remembered that day, when we came back, it was raining, heavy rain, we still have to walk, my feet blisters, it’s too painful, I never forgot this feeling. But this can’t stop me exciting for this trailwalking.

We have a funny team name: Sperm team. And we are proud of it. We are getting together with more than 200 people, this is our team name. This name attracted many people's attention when we walk. They always say: “ Wow, Sperm team? So funny……” Some would say they were so strong. But we just want to explain our willing, never give up.

This trailwalking has 6 sign in points, about 20km for each point. At first, all of us were so exciting, we were walking so fast, sometimes, I can’t catch up with them, but I try my best, Walking and running. Thanks for my boyfriend, he held my hand all the way, so that I can catch up with all of them.

We just took about 3 hours to arrive the first point. A little tired, but with more happy, we have drunk some Red Bull, that can make us more exciting and didn’t feel tired.

After this point, we have lost contact with others, only Ben, A bin, TianXin and me, we walked together all the way, the second trip’s destination is WUTONG mountain, we have been there before, but it was by bus, now, we have to walk. About 11 p.m. I can feel my knees and feet were painful, but I thought I can bear it. So we also walking so fast. We have to through a big reservoir, it was dark, and so quiet, we have lots of people get together, I can only hear people’s breathing and every step they walking, including myself. I can’t see the things clearly, I just walk and walk, I remembered that we have turned around, up and down for more times. When we have a rest, it’s nearly 2 a.m. I put a special thing in our shoes, yes, it is a sanitary napkins, this is the first time for the boys to touch it, and use it, haha~~~I was laughing when saw them use it, looks so funny, and Ben, I told him how to buy this from the store, he just saying: hey, do you have something can put in shoes? It’s long and can use at night~~~Oh, my god, he is so funny~~Do you think so?

And after that time, I feel a little fidgets, I didn’t want to say anything, even with my boyfriend. We arrived in WUTong mountain at 3 a.m. In that place, we have met Lee, he was alone, we are walking together again.

The next destination is Dameisha, we have to through the mountain, at that time, even the floor is dirty, we didn’t care, if I can, I want to sleeping, not just sit down. Many people do that. All the way, I just remembered that I was so restlessness and frustration, I didn’t want to say anything, I was complained more, everything in my eyes became badly. But still have something in my mind, I have to walk, do not stop, I have to arrive at Dameisha, i have promised that I can get there, fighting for the team. So I walked with a body I thought is not mine.

When the sky is bright, We were getting closer to our destination, My body has been to the limit, I just moved my body, every step is so hard for me.

Thanks for my boyfriend, if no him, I can’t get there, and it was too pity for me, that I didn’t take any time to see the views when we walk, Lee has take some pictures, show for you:

Oh my god, we have arrived there, I'm dying~~~

Tianxin, Lee and me going to back home, but Ben and A bin decided to finished. So amazing they are!

Look, Ben looks so carefully when he use the sanitary napkins, haha~~~

Ben is the only man who has finished the hiking in our company, in fact, he looks more weak than me when we arrived in Dameisha, his feet has blister, he has to use two walking sticks to walk, it was really step by step,

I remembered I asked why he want to finished, he just said:I has told my father, and he want me to finish it, I don’t want to let my father dispointed.” He is a good and filial piety boy. He has made it, with our expectations and crowning glory. Did you ever try to walk more than 24 hours? He did, we don’t know how much encourage he have to use, how many times he want to give up, we just only know that he has finished it.

He is our hero – Ben.

For me, even though I didn’t finish it, but I also proud of myself, I broke through my own, I thought maybe I can only finished 40KM, but I was finished more than 60KM, what you can do is not just as much as you want to, may be far more than you thought, next time, I will do better. When I came back and told to my friend Larry who is in USA, he has buy something form us, Car DVR, PIR DVR and MINI dvr, he also amazing. This is a really cherishing memory on my life, I learned more thing, you have to try your best to do everything, so that you won’t be regret, also, you have to try something you think you can’t do, maybe you will be succeed. Thanks for my dear family – K-Ding technology.


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