A real mountain climbing

This time, not like usual, i don’t remember the scenery i have seen, just remember some feelings, happy feeling with my dear friends, painful    also, feel a little sadness.

At the beginning of the trip, all of us feel so exciting, we have been there before, but just walking, not climbing, also we have go a different way this time, thanks for our beautiful guide, she lead us through a amazing trip.

After 30 minutes, we have a rest, sweat streamed down our face, too hot and also feel a little tired. This mountain, i don’t know how to describe, i just feel that we have climb high, then down the mountain, up and down, i don’t remember how many times we have done, many many times......

Even so, we all climb very fast, with insist, nerver give up. Show some funny happy pictures for you, follow us and enjoy our trip.

Five girls, friendship forever, no matter what happened, we are together.

Oh, forgive me, i just want to be “the queen mother”, maybe a little strange, but i don’t know how to speak this word in English. ^-^

A big family, we just set out.

He is just 3 years old, with us, through about 5 hours, so amazing, also his father, super man~~~ One day, when this boy grow up, maybe he could remember that day, that’s a wonderful memory.

Haha, just for fun~~~my dear friends, don’t mind it.

Dan is a active girl, now, she want to be a swordswoman, maybe she can be in one day.

Ben is a good boy, also too active, he looks never tired, always running,

like a monkey~~haha......he is so kindly, helps us so many, appreciated.


We are B2C-F-MEN, this name comes from a warmer, kindly and cute girl - Apple, after this time, she will left us, she will going to making her

own dream, no matter what, she is together with us, always, and we hope that her dream will be come true.


No matter the dragon team or the flying tigers team, we are K-Ding family.

Wow, it’s Titanic...... You jump, i jump ~~~No, just joke. :)

Oh, please call me Ms. Lee~~haha, maybe Lee is a girl? What do you think, guys?

Who’s she? She is new come in our company, her name is Micky, sunshine girl~~~

On this stone, i was so afraid, the place is so high, i just feel that my legs are shaking......

Attached a mist-shrouded mountain picture. Like in a fairyland.

K-Ding, always be with you, enjoy our trip, enjoy our articles, also, enjoy our product - CCTV DVR, Car DVR and PIR DVR.

                                                                                 ---------By Jedy From K-Ding



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