Tanglang Mount Hiking II

Last weekend we went to Tanglang Mount again, and I thought we would walk the same way again as last time, but finally we found out it was much more interesting...follow me and let's go real climbing.

Look, this time we have 3 companies joining in us, that is really a big team with a cute little man----the 3 years old boy.

Our guidance lead us to a different path this time, it didn't like the road last time, we went into the jungle and the real climbing started.

It was really hard to climb, as there are many slopes between each small hills, and we went through one and another, and another for  nearly 3 hours.

After 2 hours we climbed to the top of the mount, and our team were still full of energy in the picture:

Food time, we all enjoyed the snakes and food that we carried, it was really a wonderful taste after hours of high hill climbing, everything was delicious, as everyone was hungry.

Look at the Snow White.....She is begging some food...

We had a rest and talked for a while and then we finished most of the food.

 Look at these 4 lovely kids, they are our B2C team, with an interesting name: FMEN. Fulfill Magic Enjoyment Nest, it is interesting, but I don't quite understand what that means, they are in charge of our newly Aliexpress.com online store for hundreds of car electronics, vehicle security electronics(dvr, car rearview camera, home alarm system), home application electronics and also varied sorts of cell phone batteries in a new online store called King Battery. What a powerful and adorable team!

They are a good team, but some of them would become strange after long time climbing...look at 2 of the outstanding examples:


They are much too young, anyway...

Alice and Micky are new to our team, but they are cute and energetic,

we believe that they will get along with us better and happier very soon.


With a strong team, you will become stronger, and feel safe to be with them.

Why do I say our team is strong?...because we got 2 "big strong" leader:

Why do I say our team is strong?...because we got 2 "big strong" leader:


They look like brothers


The last part of the road was really high and dangerous, and we had to grab the rope and went down slowly, but each K-DING team mate finished the task successfully, that is really a good part for us.


We are glad that we can go together with the team again,  with these strong and lovely people, we help each other and we will go further in the future again.

  Kanshine Lee

                                      K-Ding Technology Co Ltd


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